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Mates4Mates, a registered charity for veterans and their families, were in the process of launching a new website and required copywriting and editing of all their new website pages and donation platform.

When we met with the communications and marketing team, they were unsure of how to create copy that was both respectful of their members (Mates), yet would pull at the emotions of Australians looking to donate.

Writing & Co began by researching keywords and setting terminology for the website that was both repectful to our veterans and adhered to SEO best practices. By researching and providing statistics to back up our claims, that veterans needed our help and how many veterans Mates4Mates helped each year, was another way to assist with content and increase donations.

We provided guidance with what imagery would assist the new copy while complementing their branding and colour palette of orange and black.

New dollar handles were written to showcase the benefits rather than the features of what a donation could do for a veteran, while providing that all important ‘feel good’ feeling for donors. We finalised the project with a thorough edit of all the copy and meta descriptions.

After a successful launch of their new website and content, the Mates4Mates communications and marketing team are now able to focus on bringing in new donations and business partnerships – improving the lives of those who served.

Laura McKoy, Mates4Mates

Thank you so much for all your wonderful work – it’s been a huge help over the past few weeks! It’s been great working with you and all your content has been fantastic and works so well on the website.


Email:    Located: Brisbane, Queensland.  ABN: 56 424 493 731

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