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Copy by Design.

Cathy was facing a new career path and was starting her own copywriting business as a result. Initially she was looking at building a WordPress website herself but like many new start-ups found it daunting and just wanted to jump straight into working with clients.

When we met Cathy she was concerned about budget and wished to be able to update blog content herself over time.

Having put her mind at ease, along with taking on board her branding and request for a ‘clean’ looking website, we set to work setting up her hosting, bringing her domain across, and designing and building her new website.

Cathy, being a copywriter herself, was keen to write her own copy, blogs and meta descriptions (SEO).  She also selected her imagery, which she felt represented her offerings. Working directly with the website developer meant Cathy could make real time changes and tweaks to the design, speeding up the build and ensuring she loved the final result.

After launching and supplying Cathy with a guide on how to access her website and upload her blog posts in future, Cathy was able to focus on bringing in new work and started the year with a professional and affordable website.

Cathy Hopkins, Copy by design

“I’ve had so many comments on how beautiful my new website looks. I feel I am better placed to market myself now.”


Email:    Located: Brisbane, Queensland.  ABN: 56 424 493 731

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